Hi! I'm gonna start out with a little backstory as to why I ultimately found boudoir photography to be my passion. I promise its not cliche or boring :D

Throughout my life I was constantly being shamed as to why I never measured up to random people or more hurtful, why I wasn't like all my friends. Why my friends were better than me; physically, personality wise, etc. It was a constant noise all around, most of it from someone who should have been my biggest supporter, uplifter, guardian, etc. So the amount of emotional damage and feelings of physical inadequacy left me to believe that I would never find someone who appreciated me for who I am or my body the way it was and I became severely self critical and constantly self sabotaged my mindset. I, thankfully, never physically sabotaged my body but there are women all over the world who have because of situations and lives like this and I want to be a person who changes women's mindsets and starts them on a journey that says fuck society, screw your "standards", etc and go on living life with the utmost confidence.

A while back, I heard this song by Ashnikko and let me tell you once I heard it, I related to it so deeply that it hurt to listen to it the first couple times. Now; I love this song!
Do I still relate to it, you bet your ass I do, but now I'm using it as a positive thing to remind myself how far I've come and show other women that they too are not what others have made them feel about themselves. I quoted a little bit of it below:     

Now onto when I photographed my first boudoir session... I was asked by a friend to do it last minute for her and another friend to give to their husbands as gifts. I said why not I've seen it before and it looks fun but when I did that shoot and returned their images, I realized the power it had to change the feelings we carried about ourselves and I knew in that moment boudoir was what I had to do in my life and career.

Boudoir helps women feel beautiful and break the cycle of self deprecation. You will leave with new found confidence!

Now, onto my personal life!    

My husband and I have been together for almost 10 years and were set up on a blind date for a wedding that we and both of our friends kinda sorta cheated the whole point of "blind" date. A friend asked me to go on a blind date and I said "not without seeing a picture." Little did her and I know, her fiance did the same thing with a friend of his. Hence, how we "cheated" the BLIND part of blind date! Though it obviously worked out so I have no shame!

We do want kids but as we've gotten older we have come to realize we are part of the community of people who suffer from infertility. Until recently we only talked about it with certain people in our lives but are now becoming more open because we are not the only ones. We had a loss in 2016 and have struggled starting our family ever since then. We are always happy for our friends and family but it is a gut wrenching sadness that sometimes hits after not having our own kids yet. So stay tuned hopefully in the next 2 years we will have a baby on the way! 

I'm an ambivert, which means I'm quiet and shy when I first meet people but once you get to know me I am extremely extroverted. I'm sassy, weird/quirky, loud and have vocabulary/mind that would make a sailor blush. Your vibe attracts your tribe as they say and I wouldn't have it any other way!

While we live in CO, I much prefer the beach, boating, sand dunes and SUMMER TIME. My family calls me the sun worshiper haha! So that is why I would rather be tanning, swimming, BBQing year round and riding ATVs than be in the snow and cold. You will come to learn that summer is my favorite season and I LOATHE winter time. I also CONSTANTLY change my hair color so don't be surprised if it's different when we meet, do shoots, product delivery, etc.

I think that's all! So... wanna be friends? :D 

p.s I included some photos of me and my family below

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Kaleigh Hicks

"My boyfriend wants to love me, but I won't let him.
 I've been predisposed to trauma since I was eleven
So I wrote a couple albums to let out some aggression
I hate that I'm so
More comfortable in bad situations
Sucker for a little devastation"
-Panic Attacks in Paradise by Ashnikko