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We at Hicks Pics Photo know how exciting welcoming a new baby is! It is truly important to have maternity photos taken to be able to look back and revel on when your little newborn turns 5, starts driving, becomes an "adult", etc. You're gonna miss these days and having photos for you and your children to look back on is irreplaceable.

Whether you are welcoming your first baby, second baby, have gone through IVF, IUI, or other fertility treatments to create your family, we are here and dedicated to capturing the truly remarkable journey you are on. Even with stretch marks, weight gain, hormonal acne, etc it is remarkable. Feeling the kicks, summersaults, and wiggles are just the beginning of your connection and getting maternity photos taken stops these moments in time forever. 

Before & After!

Seeing these images you may think you could never look like these women, have the "perfect bump" like they do or you're thinking these women probably don't have hormonal acne, stretch marks all over their body, or any imperfections like me. 

All of the moms I work with have some sort of so-called "imperfection", struggle with with their ever changing pregnancy body and feel they aren't "insta ready" like the other moms they see on social media.

"i'll be the first to tell you they do"

Appreciating your pregnancy body...

Capturing memories for you and your baby once they grow up

Harnessing that power that is within you... HELLOOOOO, you're growing a human! 

Spend the day getting pampered, celebrate this new baby, mark your journey through motherhood, and look/feel like a life-bringing goddess

These beautiful women are local moms just like you. The only difference is they decided to ignore society's soul crushing standards that you are not sexy when growing a freaking human! We are all worthy of showing off and loving our bodies whatever phase of life they are in.

"every single mom feels this way at one point or another so you should not pass up the opportunity to capture your pregnancy." 

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I chose Kaleigh for my maternity photos because she always makes me feel comfortable during the shoot (I am not a fan of pictures) and because her work is beautiful every time. Before my session I definitely felt nervous and self conscious. But afterwards I felt excited to see the pictures because it didn’t feel awkward or forced like I had thought it would. Once I got them, I was ecstatic! She made me feel gorgeous! She did a beautiful job and gave me images to cherish my pregnancy. Kaleigh is great at what she does, she helps with the poses and facial expressions too, if you need it. She is timely and her photos are absolutely amazing. Thank you!

Miss aspen

I had multiple sessions with Kaleigh over the course of a year starting with maternity and ending with a family shoot. She was so incredibly kind and patient and I am forever grateful for the images she captured. If I still lived in Colorado, she would be my only photographer!

Miss melissa

I was about 8.5 months pregnant. At first I was a little nervous about taking pictures while I felt so huge and insecure about the way I take photos but Kaleigh was AMAZING and made me feel so comfortable and beautiful. She made us laugh, cry (in a good way😂) and feel so so excited for our son. She took the most beautiful pictures and was able to talk my husband and I how to pose even though we had zero idea how to. She brought out a bunch of different ideas (like the blue smoke, safe for pregnant women) and had us dying laughing with her idea to have my husband peek out from the tree to pretend he was the pregnant one. 😂 we could not WAIT to see the photos. I would 💯 recommend her to any pregnant mommy! ♥️

Miss klareesa

I booked a Boudoir maternity photo shoot with Kaleigh and absolutely LOVED my pictures. This was my 3rd photo shoot with her! I’m not going to lie I cried at first and had a hard time seeing myself in lingerie and pregnant. After the photo shoot I broke down and said it was terrible. Kaleigh messaged me letting me know my pictures were done and I figured I’d bring money with in case I liked some of them. When I saw my pictures I FELL IN LOVEEEEE with them!!! I now have 2 canvas’s from my maternity shoot hanging up and even bought the album! I recommend Kaleigh for any kind of boudoir shoot!

Miss maclay

"made us laugh, cry (in a good way),
and feel so excited”

“Incredibly kind
and patient”

“i FELL in loveeeee"

“gave me images to cherish my pregnancy”

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SO MANY women/moms feel so out of touch with their body, feel like a beached whale, feel like their body doesn't belong to them, feel bloated, etc during pregnancy. Pregnancy is an amazing journey but also an extremely trying time. The truth is, pregnancy isn't always easy. From morning sickness to exhaustion to cravings and more, moms-to-be often feel like they're just getting through each day! But what many women don't realize is that maternity photos are an amazing way to document this special time and celebrate your body for all it's doing. It is incredibly empowering to see and remember the beauty of your pregnant body, all its curves and changes. It's also more than just about looking pretty - it's also about capturing a moment in time that you can't get back.

Maternity photos are an amazing way to document this special journey no matter what stage you're in. From the early days of being newly pregnant to the changes that come with each trimester - like a growing bump and ever-evolving body - maternity photos capture it all in a way that you and your child will cherish forever. They're an incredible reminder of just how beautiful, strong, and capable women's bodies are during this time of transformation. Even if you don't think you have the looks for taking maternity photos, trust us when we say there really isn't anything more beautiful than a mom-to-be! So don't be afraid to take the leap and document your pregnancy. You won't regret it!  

A little about me personally, I'm an Army & LEO wife and a dog mom to two crazy boys! My husband and I have been together for almost 10 years. I'm sassy, weird/quirky, loud and have vocabulary/mind that would make a sailor blush. Your vibe attracts your tribe as they say. So we joke, we shake our butts and sing like no ones watching and we cuss, A LOT ;)
I haven't yet gotten to do maternity photos for myself yet as my husband and I have struggled with secondary infertility but my day is coming and you bet your ass no matter what I look like I'm coming for those photos because it's something I long for so deeply. 

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"when you admire something about another woman, tell her. get in the habit of lifting each other up."

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