What if i don't own any lingerie?
What do i wear?

how much does a boudoir shoot cost or what should i Expect to spend on my boudoir photographer?

What is the point of boudoir photos/photography?

If you don't have any lingerie, that is ok. I send out prep emails that give you store options to find some but more importantly I have a client closet that has over 175 pieces in it from S-4XL for you to choose from. If you do buy lingerie for your shoot PLEASE keep all tags on all items because if we don't use them and you want to return them, you can.

Every photographer is going to be different. We all offer different products, displays, etc.
Working with Hicks Pics Photo you will have a $395 session fee and the minimum investment starts at $1,600 and goes up from there.
I have a couple clients who spend $1,600, most spend more than that and quite a few spend several thousand.
The average spending of my clients is $3500.

There are many many reasons women decide to get boudoir photos taken. Boudoir photos can be a wedding/anniversary gift, a Christmas/Valentine's gift, or for a birthday but the most important reason to do a boudoir shoot is for YOU!
Over time, and I'm talking decades; society has conditioned women into believing if they are inadequate and less deserving of attention/love. 
If you ask me, I say f*ck society, celebs, and the diet industry and be who you want to be. Your size, numbers on a scale, thickness of eyebrows, height, and other physical features do NOT determine your worth or adequacies. 

When you book with us, your session fee covers professional hair and makeup, outfit consultation, 1-1.5 hour shoot, and an ordering appointment. No products (albums, wall art, digitals, etc are included). Session fee is $395 with Hicks Pics Photo.  

I always recommend booking your session at least 3 months before your deadline. Keep in mind, no products are delivered until payment is received in full so if you are on a payment plan that will require more time before your deadline. 

There is no requirement to have experience or be a model. Most of my clients are everyday women just like you who don't know how to pose, what faces to make, etc.
I provide full posing instruction for each client.
I will show all poses first. So, there is nothing to worry about!

I'm not a model, how do i know which poses to do?

when should I book if i need my products for my anniversary, christmas, or any other special occassion?


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What is included in a session?