Albums: Things Our Grandparents Have or Still Relevant

Ladies, let’s talk about something important today: the lost art of album-making. With smartphones and social media, it’s easy to think that printing our photos and making albums is so 2000 and late. *thanks Black Eyed Peas* But I’m here to tell you that albums are still relevant and essential in showcasing your photos. In this blog post, I’ll convince you why albums matter, and maybe even get you to dust off that old box of prints you have stowed away from your childhood.

You’re already sharing your photos on social media, so why bother with albums? That’s what a lot of people think or say. Well, let me tell you, social media is a highlight reel. We only show our best moments and prettiest selfies, and that’s okay! BUT, albums allow us to tell the full story, to remember the small details and the people or moments that matter most. Imagine going through an album with your grandma ten years from now and telling her the stories behind the photos, the inside jokes, and the memories you shared. You can’t do that with a Facebook album. Plus social media could disappear any day and then you would have lost that good ol’ Facebook album and what if that ended up being the only place you stored those photos…? That would really suck! 

Another hangup people have is quality prints and albums are an investment, but it’s a one-time expense that will last a lifetime. We’re all guilty of hoarding photos on our phone and forgetting to print them or paying monthly cloud fees to upgrade our phone’s storage but there’s really no price for the joy and nostalgia you’ll feel every time you flip through your album.

Lastly, albums are tangible items that provide a stronger connection to the photos because it’s something customized and personal to showcase your memories. These connections travel down generations for your family to look back at and remember a time past. There isn’t a single album I’ve invested in that I regret. 

I hope I’ve convinced you why albums matter. They’re not just a relic of the past- they’re a wonderful way to tell your story and preserve your memories. So go ahead, make that album of your maternity session, your baby’s first weeks earth-side, your baby’s first year, or your boudoir session that made your confidence soar and brought back that power you hold within you. I promise you won’t regret it. And if you still need some inspiration, let’s talk. I have 40+ album covers, page backgrounds, etc to build a beautiful album for you. Trust me, once you start making albums, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner. 

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