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Boudoir Photo Shoot Ideas

Below is a list of the top 5 ranked themes/shoot ideas for boudoir!

Number 1 – Bridal Boudoir
A boudoir shoot for any reason is a great way¬†to increase your self-confidence but it is extra special to do before your wedding. This is something we could all use more of every day, but during the stress and nerves that come with wedding planning and your wedding day itself, a little extra confidence can be just the boost you need. Plus think about how exciting it would be to gift this to your spouse after the wedding is over and it’s just you two?!

Number 2 – Maternity Boudoir

Everyone knows that women’s bodies change astronomically when going through pregnancy. Some women embrace it but a large population of women struggle with the changes that come along with pregnancy and I WHOLE HEARTEDLY believe that maternity boudoir is an amazing way to show a women she can still be beautiful/sexy while pregnant. I mean, you are growing a life!! That is truly remarkable so let’s learn to cherish your body while it changes, grows, and know you are still beautiful/sexy <3

Number 3 – Car Wash Boudoir

Car Wash Boudoir is so much fun for SOOO many reasons. One of them being you are a little more clothed than a typical boudoir shoot which some women think is more comforting. Another reason is if your significant other loves cars (classic cars to be specific), I own a 1968 Ford Mustang. The third reason is it’s like a throwback to the 90s with wet t-shirt contests. Car Wash Boudoir shoots are so exciting, thrilling and flirty. Let’s get you to experience one for yourself! <3

Number 4 – Sweater and Socks Boudoir

In case it’s winter time and/or cars are not your forte sweater and socks boudoir shoots are a great way to warm up to a boudoir shoot if you aren’t sure about being in lingerie or full nudity. Sweaters, jerseys, robes, etc it all works to start out with for a shoot to warm up to wearing lingerie. Check out these women below who did exactly that!

Number 5 – Christmas Boudoir

The 5th theme that I see women wanting to do is Christmas themed shoots for their spouses. Sometimes we struggle finding the right gift for Christmas but this is definitely a show stopper gift idea! We have tons of options for props and outfits to wear in the studio to have a christmas theme session. We can do a christmas theme shoot at ANY time during the year.

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