How To Prepare For A Boudoir Shoot

If you’re thinking of booking a boudoir session, you’re probably feeling excited and quite a bit nervous. After all, boudoir photos are about capturing an intimate and vulnerable side of you. To make sure you are ready for your session, these are the tips I suggest to help you prepare! 

Nails (Paws and Claws)
Please remove chipped nail polish and get a manicure. If you aren’t a manicure type of girl then you can always get press on nails and arrive with them on. If neither of these options work for you please make sure you have clean, maintained fingernails.  

Please don’t tan or spray tan less than SEVEN DAYS before your shoot. The camera does not like spray tan/tanning beds, and you’ll end up looking orange in photos. If you do spray tan, please do it SEVEN DAYS before your shoot. If you have never tanned before, please do not try to do so for your shoot. 

Skin and Hair
Please arrive with a clean face and clean, dry hair that was washed the day before. Please don’t wash your hair the morning of the shoot. It will hold styling better when not freshly washed.

Bring accessories (sports jerseys, your significant other’s work shirt, a silk robe, jewelry). Sometimes props just won’t translate in pictures. If that is the case with your prop, I’ll let you know.

If you are a bride, feel free to bring bridal lingerie, garter, veil. If you have your dress, feel free to bring it as well. We can use it for one or two shots. I know that’s a lot of work though, so not bringing it is totally ok!

Get lots of sleep the night before your session. Beauty rest is the real thing. Getting enough sleep will keep dark circles away. Also avoid drinking the night before. It will dehydrate you and your skin.

Posing/Facial Expressions
Practice posing in front of your mirror. It may feel silly, but practicing can help you feel more comfortable the day of your shoot. Practice “parted lips” which means start with lips closed together and just gently separate them. The best way to practice this one is when you separate your lips, have your tongue gently pressing against the roof of your mouth. As far as practicing body posing, practice arching your back (shoulders back, chest out, booty popped).

Do all of your shaving, waxing, etc TWO days prior to your shoot. If you plan on waxing please do so TWO days before your session so all redness and bumps go away.

Hairstyles/Hair Color
Don’t try a new hairstyle or color the week of your shoot. Save anything drastic for after your shoot. If you already get your hair done, please get touch ups done at least TWO days before your shoot.

What To Wear The Day of Your Shoot
I highly recommend coming to your shoot in a sheath dress or loose fit yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt, jacket (loose fitting clothing). Jeans, bras and other tight clothing will leave marks on your skin that will show up in portraits. I do not edit these kinds of things out without an additional charge per image.

Hair Ties/Scrunchies
Remove all hair ties from wrists prior to coming in for your shoot. I do to edit lines off your skin without an additional charge per image. 

Lash Extensions
If you wear eyelash extensions, please get them filled TWO days before your shoot.

Session Arrival (Specific to Hicks Pics Photo)
Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early for your shoot. I may have a client, may be eating breakfast/snacks or getting prepped/cleaning up for your shoot.

Tardiness (Specific to Hicks Pics Photo)
Please don’t be late, I schedule appointments before and after your shoot and so does my hair and makeup team. If you are more than 15 minutes late we will have to reschedule and there will be a $250 reschedule fee.  

Eat Before Your Shoot
I can not stress this enough. EAT BEFORE YOUR SHOOT! Not just a piece of toast, but an actual breakfast. You will burn calories and some clients have even compared their shoot to a workout. You will be tired. You may even be sore the next day. PLEASE EAT.

Most importantly! RELAX! I will tell you everything to do! How to pose, where to look, where to put your hands and feet, even how to stand. All you have to do is arrive and be your beautiful self!

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