Pregnant & Sexy! (Yes I Used Those Two Words Together)

This young lady came into my studio in December 2022, VERY hesitant to do her session. She was confident in my work because she had done 2 shoots with me previously, but she was not confident in herself. I’d love to tell you during the shoot she got more confident but sadly she didn’t regain that confidence until she saw her photos.

Miss M booked her shoot 4 months prior when she was about 16 weeks pregnant. She told me she KNEW she wanted maternity boudoir photos and I hadn’t done it yet so I hopped on board real fast.

Fast forward to the day of her shoot.
Miss M came in and told me she was not feeling great, she was still struggling with morning sickness (at 32 weeks pregnant) and she did not think she was sexy whatsoever. I reassured her that it’s normal to be on the fence about your body during pregnancy, she was not alone in that, and I also made sure she was comfortable sickness wise. We got started with hair and makeup, then did her wardrobe consultation where I could definitely see her lack of confidence because she couldn’t choose any outfits when she was looking through my client closet. So I asked her if she wanted my suggestion on some outfit choices and she hesitantly said yes. I ended up picking out 3 outfits for her!

We started her shoot with two outfits she had brought. One was a pair of jeans and a Calvin Klein sports bra. The next was s SEXY two piece from Victoria Secret with all the rhinestones, perfect to welcome a baby girl! We were on our second to last outfit when I had her go change into the last one. She came back a couple minutes later and though she didn’t look like she had been crying but,
Tell… (que my internal heartbreak for her)
I asked if she was ok. She kind of sniffled and said, “Yeah, I just don’t feel sexy. I feel fat and don’t know what to do.”
I asked if she wanted to stop and get dressed. She said no we are almost done let’s keep going. So I asked one more time to be sure because I NEVER want any of my clients to feel pressured or uncomfortable.

We finished her shoot and I told her that her images were beautiful, she is beautiful and I can’t wait to show her the final product! She came back for her ordering appointment and with a giant grin, I said, “Are you excited to see them?”
She responded, “No. I’m really nervous. I don’t think I’m going to like them.”
I responded, “Well I think they are amazing and I bet once you see them you’ll feel differently.”

Y’all…. SHE LOVED THEM! She even had a hard time choosing which ones to purchase!!!!! So afterwards I asked how she felt now. She said she felt so much better. She didn’t look at all like what she felt and I reassured her that pregnancy does some wild ass things to women’s bodies and that she wasn’t alone but more importantly I was so honored that she trusted me and my expertise to deliver her amazing images to bring back that confidence she lost and start feeling sexy again.

So who’s next in getting sexy pregnancy pictures?! Let’s Talk!

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