Nervousness to Confidence

As women, we tend to be our biggest critics when it comes to our bodies. We constantly strive for perfection, even though we know that it doesn’t really exist. We always hold back from things we want to do for various reasons. Most women think about getting a boudoir shoot done but are too scared. Most women think their bodies aren’t sexy enough, they have stretch marks, cellulite, that they’re not photogenic, they aren’t good enough and they would just end up feeling uncomfortable and awkward. But, Miss E finally took the leap and booked one, and she loved it so much that I even booked a second one for three months later!

When Miss E walked in was nervous, scared, and excited all at the same time. The first thing she asked was if she could take a shot of tequila to calm her down! I do advise my clients against drinking or even taking a shot before a shoot because it can make your eyes glassy and not sharp in photos but she was so nervous that I allowed her to do just ONE. Then we quickly got to work. We started with professional hair and makeup and I helped her pick out the best lingerie for her body type. She started to relax and let go of her nerves.

During the shoot, most women feet a bit out of their element. They are unsure of what to do with their face, hands, body, etc. But the good news is I demonstrate every pose for clients, I make sure client feels comfortable and I guide them through the fine touches every step of the way. I always like to remind my clients that while some do this for a partner it should start with you doing it for yourself, and that these pictures are meant to make them feel powerful and confident in their own skin.

After the shoot, once Miss E saw the edited pictures and was blown away. She couldn’t believe that was her in those pictures. She felt beautiful, sexy, and confident and most importantly had fun doing it. So much fun that she booked a SECOND shoot for 3 months later! This time, Miss E felt more confident and excited but a little nervous because instead of a studio shoot, she brought her Jeep and we did a sexy car wash shoot! She knew a general idea of what to expect and was ready to have fun with it. The pictures turned out even better than the first shoot, and she enjoyed the experience even more.

Booking a boudoir shoot is one of the best decisions women can ever make. It allows you to step out of your comfort zone, embrace your body and take back that power of confidence you’ve always had. I encourage all women to do something daring and book a boudoir shoot. You will leave feeling powerful, confident, and beautiful. Don’t let your fears hold you back, you deserve to feel amazing and sexy in your own skin. Trust me, it’s an experience you won’t regret. Images from her first shoot below! <3

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